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One Earth – Benefit for Loaves and Fishes

“Whoever tends a fig tree will eat its fruit.”flyer-january-14th-function

Gallery 529 of Littleton, in conjunction with the Gallery Café, is pleased to announce a new juried art show and fundraising effort to benefit Loaves and Fishes of Ayer. Based on the proverb, “He who tends a fig tree shall eat its fruit” the  Gallery Café and Gallery 529 are planning a two week focus on ways we can all work to save our planet, so it can continue to provide for all of us.

The two week event starts on Saturday,  January 14th, from 7 to 9 pm.  Food will be provided by the Gallery Café. Colonial Spirits of Acton, assisted by Sue Nordberg of Martignetti Liquors, will be hosting a wine tasting promoting its organic wines. There will be live music, crafts to make, and delicious food, a juried art show featuring the artwork of your neighbors and friends, all to benefit a worthy local cause.

According to Gallery and Café owner Virginia Wood, “Lately, I have been feeling like I need to do more to help protect the environment. This event is the beginning of a series of events to focus on critical issues which will culminate with a call to action delineating a series of simple tasks folks can do to help. I just don’t think we can sit back any longer…too much is at stake. The old adage, ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’ will be our focus of 2017, and we hope the greater community will join us.”

The artists of Gallery 529, of whom there are 30 member artists, are also supporting the theme by creating artwork from recycled or up-cycled materials. Nancy Burke, a glass artist from Marlboro, makes beautiful cheese boards from recycled melted wine and champagne bottles. Jewelry artist Diane Delgado from Carlisle, MA., will be highlighting her etched copper  jewelry made from up-cycled copper flashing. Townsend artist Nancy French makes warm boiled wool mittens from up-cycled sweaters. Local artists are also encouraged to get involved in the juried art show, which will run for the last two weeks of January. There will be no entry fees to encourage more folks to enter and support the good work of Loaves and Fishes.

The Gallery Café, during the two weeks of the event, will be donating 10% of its food sales to Loaves and Fishes. Gallery 529 will also donate 10% of its sales during the two weeks to Loaves and Fishes. Tickets to the kick off party can be purchased at Tickets purchased will also support the good work of Loaves and Fishes – $20 of every ticket sold will go directly to the organization.

Colonial Spirits of Acton 87 Great Road, will have a box where their customers can make donations of non perishable food and toiletry items for Loaves and Fishes throughout the month of January.


Sometimes, you just need a good hamburger.

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20160827_124723One of the best things about the Gallery Cafe is our chef Don McHale and his cooking staff. Every day they manage to amaze me with some sort of culinary concoction that they create. Last week, I had the ribeye. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to smother my food with condiments – Tabasco, ketchup and A1 being the standard go to’s. Since I have been involved in the Gallery Cafe, though, I don’t think I have even gotten through one bottle of Tabasco. The ribeye that is on our menu, is amazing. Full of flavor, and then the pistachio butter that melts into it, oooh la la!

Sometimes, though, you just need a good burger, and chef Don’s burgers never disappoint. On both the lunch and dinner menu, his burgers always hit the spot. Like the old McDonald’s ad, it takes two hands for Chef Don’s burgers, and sometimes, multiple napkins. Pair that with one of our beers on tap, and you should walk away from the table fully satiated. Put some cheese, bacon and mushrooms, and you have lunch and dinner between one bun!

When we started this restaurant we wanted to incorporate the arts into our concept, recognizing that artsy food is good, but sometimes you just need a slab of steak or a good old fashioned burger.