Sometimes, you just need a good hamburger.

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20160827_124723One of the best things about the Gallery Cafe is our chef Don McHale and his cooking staff. Every day they manage to amaze me with some sort of culinary concoction that they create. Last week, I had the ribeye. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to smother my food with condiments – Tabasco, ketchup and A1 being the standard go to’s. Since I have been involved in the Gallery Cafe, though, I don’t think I have even gotten through one bottle of Tabasco. The ribeye that is on our menu, is amazing. Full of flavor, and then the pistachio butter that melts into it, oooh la la!

Sometimes, though, you just need a good burger, and chef Don’s burgers never disappoint. On both the lunch and dinner menu, his burgers always hit the spot. Like the old McDonald’s ad, it takes two hands for Chef Don’s burgers, and sometimes, multiple napkins. Pair that with one of our beers on tap, and you should walk away from the table fully satiated. Put some cheese, bacon and mushrooms, and you have lunch and dinner between one bun!

When we started this restaurant we wanted to incorporate the arts into our concept, recognizing that artsy food is good, but sometimes you just need a slab of steak or a good old fashioned burger.

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