Oh, man, am I hungry!

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Chef Don has not cooked us Eggs Benedict yet, but this is what it should look like…though, picture some fruit salad to go along side.

The last couple of days have been spent tasting the future menu items. Yesterday, Chef Don treated Liz, Max,  and me to a couple of his appetizers, salads, and roasted chicken entree. All I can say is, Littleton and surrounding communities, you are in for a treat! Between the beautiful ambiance we have been creating, and delicious food, patrons will be wondering how they were treated to city quality dining in the burbs!

Today, we finished the brunch menu. I am sure we will be tweaking it as time goes forward, but, I love brunch, and I can’t wait for April 5 to arrive!

Check here for the menu: Brunch Menu

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