Making the Tables

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Table for 4 - modern day pop artists

Table for 4 – modern day pop artists

The Gallery Cafe will be a funky, artsy restaurant, with delicious food for all. Our concept is to incorporate art into all aspects of the restaurant. Some might think that means you will need a magnifying glass to find the food on your plate – no worries, that is not us, we like to eat just as much as the next person!

The Gallery Cafe will be located at 529 King Street in Littleton, right off the Common, and we will be sharing the space with Gallery 529.

One of the ideas for the Cafe, which has been not only really fun and creative, but also incredibly interesting, has been making the table tops.

The table tops are collages of famous American artists. Working with my 90 year old mother, we have just about completed the job. Not only does each seat have  artwork from the artist, but a brief bio is also included, with a link to where you can find out more about the artist. There are painters, photographers, sculptors, and ceramists. What is interesting is to see what motivated each artist. There were artists who did nothing but paint the same painting over and over, and survived off that.


Granny gluing down the collages.

Three tables of two: Calder, O'keeffe, Lane...

Three tables of two: Calder, O’Keeffe, Lane, Bierstadt…in progress in the garage.

There were artists who set out to record history, like Winslow Homer and Ansel Adams.  There were artists who specialized in portraits, and others in landscapes. There were artists who at age 14 had their first masterpiece, and then there were artists like Grandma Moses, who was not discovered until she was in her 70’s. Putting together these collages has been a fascinating walk through art history.


We are still hoping to have a grand launching April 1 – No Fooling!
– please be sure to join us!



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