Starting a restaurant is an adventure in itself. Creating the concept, following that concept through in the details of operation, the staff, the budget, the permitting… It is a roll of the dice, and each piece you cross your fingers and hope the outcome goes in your favor.


20160218_163018Yesterday, we got back a note from the police department saying we passed the CORI test. I know I have never been arrested, but still, there is that background fear that maybe there is something they are going to find out about you that will jeopardize the liquor license application. Like a Jekyll and Hyde, maybe they will find another life I had that even I did not know about. I am glad that my split personality has been behaving of late.

Yesterday, I also took a trip out to Cheshire, MA. 20160218_162950I don’t think I had ever heard of Cheshire before, but what a pretty little town. I took my trusted 4 legged partner with me, just in case. The purpose of the trip was to procure chairs I had seen on Craigslist. With all the crazy stories about craigslist, I am a little cautious about the circumstances I get myself into when tracking down furniture and fixtures. The fact of the matter is, though, that so far, all the folks I have met, couldn’t be nicer and really enthusiastic about the Gallery Cafe. I think many are hopeful that their furniture goes to a good home, like a kitten they have raised.

The trip home was a little nerve wracking. With 32 chairs piled high on the back of my truck, I was pretty sure I would get pulled over by the police. I passed two Staties and held my breath, but, I guess they were on their way home for the evening. Everything was very secure, thanks to20160218_190820 the help of “Guy” who helped me load and strap them down. As of today, I think we have all the chairs we need. Still in search of comfortable bar stools, which may end up being a totally eclectic mix.

One step closer to creating the comfy, warm, inviting, funky, relaxed setting that will be the Gallery Cafe.

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