Lots of Details to Pull Together

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Starting a business involves keeping track of the details, and staying focused on the priorities. I am lucky to have Liz as my partner, who not only keeps the items on the list short, but helps me to stay focused. The trick at the end of the day is to have crossed off just as many items on the list as new items are added. It hasn’t happened yet, but there is a definite sense of moving ahead.

This was yesterday’s List:
Home flyer
abutters mailing
liz proposal
call guy
maren info
measure bar area
send gallery tax forms
follow up with janet
fix gallery online store (Thanks to Art Campbell who has created an actual on-line store where one will be able buy items on line!) I need to figure out the shipping info.
add lamp work jewelry to on line store
set up pay pal on cafe account
flyers to vista print
sign proposal

Liz has been in charge of the hiring, so that has been a huge chunk off my list. Progress. And thanks to the folks at town hall who have been extraordinarily helpful.

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