Thank you so much for a wonderful year! Thank you to the staff who made coming to work every day a joy, thank you to the artists who provided a beautiful ambiance with their incredible artwork – each and every one of them with such wonderful talent, and thank you to the folks who visited us and supported our efforts. Each and every one of you will be missed. 

The building is currently under agreement with another restaurant. My understanding is that they want to get started very soon, and I think it will be a perfect fit for the community.  

Thank you again for everything.



The Gallery Cafe is a new restaurant located at 529 King Street, in Littleton, MA. We will be sharing the space with Gallery 529. We are really excited about our concept, combining delicious food, thirst quenching drinks, and the arts.

We opened April 15, to a warm and receptive crowd. Please stop by and give us a try. We are looking forward to making new friends and seeing old.

We have a full service bar, and offer lunch, dinner and a Sunday Brunch.

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